Are the cars shitboxes?
Oh yes! With a budget of AUD/NZD$1,700 to source, register & prepare your car.

 If the $1,700 value is exceeded, does it really matter?
Yes, it does matter. The $1,700 value rule is the main rule we have, it’s why the rally is called Shitbox Rally. There is no point taking a shitbox and turning it into something else, because it defeats the purpose of doing the rally in the first place. Take a look at the terms and conditions and especially clauses 13-24. You really don’t need to spend more so not only would it be effectively cheating and against the point of the rally, but it would also be a waste of money. There are “penalties” for any cars not meeting our criteria!

Are we compelled to sell our car at the end?
No, you keep them.

Can I decorate my car?
Yes you can – we expect it actually. The bonnet and two front doors will be needed for sponsors and organiser’s stickers so when you decorate these areas be aware that we will put stickers over them. 


Is car sponsorship allowed in exchange for putting the sponsor’s logo or branding on the car? Also can the company be supplied with the relevant documentation, so that the donation could be recorded for tax purposes?
Yes, car sponsorship is allowed and encouraged. We will be giving all rally participants full information about this, but let us give you a quick run-down now.

There are essentially 2 ways to raise your minimum amount. This is by donations and/or sponsorship. With donations the donor doesn’t get anything in return, such as promotion or branding. With sponsorship, they get the promotion/branding. It is only with donations that tax receipts are awarded as the Government has very strict rules where charities and relevant tax receipts are concerned.

So, what does this mean? If the company wants both the branding and tax receipt, they can split their payment. The payment for the sponsorship ($110 inc GST) gets paid to Shitbox Rally and the donation goes direct to the Cancer Charity, with the donation amount being attributed to the team’s fundraising page.

Does the first $110 inc GST of sponsorship go towards our fundraising total?
No. We use the first $110 (inc GST) of any sponsorship to help fund the costs of the rally. Anything over $110 inc GST is therefore a donation, is tax deductible and goes towards your team’s total.


Do all of the funds raised go to the Cancer charity?

100% of the total Fundraising Amounts will go to the Chosen Charity; after which costs for Event Management Fee will be distributed 


Other rallies require teams to fork out more money for fundraising along the way in the form of fines etc. Is that likely or expected of teams in the Shitbox Rally?
No we do not do that. All of the teams work hard enough raising the money before we get going. One of our main principles of the rally is that it is not expensive for the participants and acts as a reward for all the hard work in fundraising prior to the rally.

How do we get any excess gear to and from New Zealand?
Easy – don’t pack any to begin with.

I don’t know much about cars – can I still do the rally?
Yes you can. Lots of people on the rally are in the same position. By the end of the rally you will certainly know more than when you started, but there are plenty of people that can help you out if necessary, including a dedicated support crew on hand from dawn to dusk and beyond to get you on the road again, if possible.

Can I bring my dog on the rally?
We have a strict policy that no dogs are allowed on the rally. The rally founders are dog owners themselves, so this is not an anti dog response, but a response from people that know what the rally is like and know what it is therefore like for dogs. In addition to this we go to a number of places where dogs are not allowed. If you bring your dog with you, you will lose your position in the rally, your car will be taken from you and you will not participate in any future rallies.

Are we able to generate our own media attention?
Yes of course. The rally creates a lot of media attention, but we welcome all the help we can get. Our Box Rallies PR team have prepared media tips and materials for any teams interested in generating their own publicity -  Your social media networks are also very important to the rally.

Are the teams covered under your or the Cancer Charities Public Liability Insurance?
Whilst the rally has Public Liability Insurance we cannot cover all of the teams in the rally, so this is a no. In most personal insurance policies (such as home contents) there will be a clause about liability insurance, so you are usually covered via your own insurance anyway.

If we have a business or an individual who provides a cheque donation which we deposit on their behalf, how do they get the tax receipt?
Details about all donations, deposits and receipts are in the Rally Manual, which you will get access to once you are Confirmed onto the rally.

I have a friend who is an avid out back traveller and wants to do the trip with us but in his own 4×4. As the roads are all public I am sure he can even if he does his own thing in the evenings. Can he join us?
No. No way. Everyone that is on the rally has worked hard to raise funds for the Cancer charity. People can’t just turn up on the day of departure and expect to be a part of it. We take a very strong position on this.

What is the maximum number of people we can have in each car?
Two people is both the minimum and the maximum.