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Here’s what previous participants and stopovers have had to say about Shitbox Rally


"After losing our Dad 2 years ago, last years rally really helped mybrother and I in a lot of ways, and gave us a chance to literally disappear from the rest of the world for a week. We shared an amazing experience with likeminded people while also getting to spend some time together which is a rare thing these days. This years rally was just as exciting and we met many new friends while catching up with others we met last year, many of which we have become quite close with."

- Dan (Wallace Grommets)

"I can't wrap my head around how massive a task it must be to put the Shitbox Rally together, and me and my dad had an absolute blast this year. There were some arguments and pretty hairy moments... but it was awesome fun, met heaps of great people and made a lot of good memories."

- Daniel (The Papatrons)

"Thank you for allowing my son Thomas and I to embark on the 2014 Shitbox Rally. What an amazing experience. You are to be congratulated for your drive and commitment to this wonderful event Shitbox Rally and your fundraising efforts for the Cancer Council.

There are so many things to take home and memories which will be long lasting from our drive from Perth to Darwin. Your support personnel are above what most Australians believe possible in a human being. Their feats of reinvigorating terminal vehicles awesome! These are rare individuals and deserve their own high commendation...

...Thank you once again for the opportunity to give something back, to be a part of something brilliant, and to feel I may make a difference in someone's life in the years to come."

- Mark Bryant (Team Cherry Growers)

Team Wat - New friends, Amazing places, Huge adventure all in our own backyard and the satisfaction of helping in the united fight against cancer. Shitbox 2014 , The first of many Shitbox rally adventures. Thanks everyone. Cheryl & Matthew.

- Team Wat

"There was a time in my life where I was respectable, had a nice car and insecurities! Since doing the rally I now find it perfectly acceptable not to shower for a week, have beer with breakfast, wear a mankini in public and drive a rubbish car, today I bought a $700 1982 ford fairlane limo! I do believe you have broken me Mr Freeman, for this I thank you!"

- Pete Bacon

"Without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Oh how we laughed... And laughed... And laughed.

High fives all round to James and the entire Shitbox Team. You must fall in a heap once it's over, but you can be proud of what you're achieving. It's absolutely mind blowing the difference you're making to those of us who are living with cancer."

- Heather Ferrier (The Boobsters)

"I would like to thank you again for an amazing experience on the 2014 Shitbox, Perth - Darwin.

Hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I grew up in WA and am definitely a country boy, unfortunately I am stuck living in the city in Sydney and don't usually get the time to get back to my roots in the bush.I have maintained a relationship with my buddy team (2) who are all super excited for next year and already making plans."

- Bay Kilpatrick (Holysmoke 2!)

"Participating in the rally was a soul-cleansing experience for me. Leaving reality behind for a week and rediscovering who I am was such a gift. The other gift was the amazing group of people who are now my friends."

- Lenka McPherson

"A team and character building experience in the spirit of community fund raising.

It took me back to my younger days when we had a lot of fun and laughs driving our shitboxes of the day. A must do experience ... even for the less adventurous."

- Russell Clayton

"Being dirty has never been so much fun!"

- Amy

"Best thing I have ever done with my life in Australia. The reward for the hard work fundraising is the rally."

- Adam McDowell

"The 2014 Shitbox Rally was my first, and it was amazing. Great sites, interesting stopovers, and gruelling roads. What more can you ask for?"

- Danette Boswell

"You don't sleep, eat well, shower, you live in a car, hate the person you are with, see them at their worst, cry, fart a lot, be hungover........... but, but the most amazing experience and can't wait to do it again! Thank you Shitboxers."

- Peter Bacon

"Awesome event, great way to see remote parts of Australia while raising money for a fantastic cause."

- Michael Cole (Day Late Dollar Short)

"Shitbox Rally is a wonderfully rewarding opportunity to take a long drive away from 1st world problems and irrelevant luxuries and be reminded of what really matters. The buddy group is a metaphor for family. The route is the journey we are all on from the start to the finish of our lives. With the scourge of cancer touching all of us in some way and affecting 1 in 2 people now, the rally itself is a reminder that the friendship and support we get to experience on the road is what makes the whole adventure of this thing called 'life', worthwhile."

- Renée Brack (Team: love over money)

"This was a great experience and very enjoyable experience fabulous organisation for a very worthy cause, hope to see you next year."

- Bob Bedford Snr

"I done the rally with my dad and it was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life. Great event, great adventure, great cause. Thanks"

- Bob Bedford

"Another amazing adventure! Brilliant support from all those who donated, fantastic job by the organisers (great food, great locations) and an epic journey with my mate Mike, and our flogged out, piece of shit HiACE."

- Rob King

"We have been involved in many charity events from Movember right through to Clown Doctors Day and this would have to top the list. Shitbox rally is a whole lot of fun and supports such a great cause. I met some great people, saw some places I would never of visited in my lifetime and had the most amount of fun I have ever had raising money for charity. I can't wait till next year. "

- Dion (Collaroy Paint Place)

Completely unique and an incredible experience. Thanks James and Co.

- Colin Fox (FoxCox)

"Thank you SHITBOX RALLY for the experience. I am still in shitbox euphoria.....Xx"

- Deb More (Buddy Group 16)

"The shitbox rally is the experience of a lifetime and definitely one to tick off your bucket list!"

- Sarah

"I came for the challenge, stayed for the people. Shitbox Rally for life!"

- Justin Richardson

"Great fun, friends made, lots of kms travelled, lots of dust inhaled. What's not to love"

- Jonathan Frost (Sydney)

"Make lifetime friends. Share an experience to remember. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who have done the Shitbox, and those who want to."

- Michael Ryan

"When life is all about just 2 things: 1. where are you going to get your next tank of fuel from and 2. is the car going to make it there."

- ScotchnWhitey (2014 Participant)

"Well done on a brilliant event and especially well done to all the entrants for all the money raised for cancer research. A big thumbs up to all involved."

- Watto (Team BMC)

"The ideal Shitbox- A car that has points ignition, a carburettor, is manual, and rear wheel drive. Turn up with one and you will have a ball! It should have lots of bog, and an awesome theme or paintjob. Oh and don't be in love with it! 'cause there is a good chance it will shit itself somewhere in the middle of Australia."

- The second most important head mechanic, Greg! (Support 5)

"It was a great rally with a terrific buddy group"

- Peter Mitchinson (Team Freo)

"I would do the rally again in a flash. I would recommend it to anyone and hope to see you all again one day,"

- Emma Harman (Ol Mates)


Anonymous Comments

"It was the most worthwhile thing I have done in a long time."

"Drive a heap of junk car across some of Australia's harshest and most beautiful landscapes with a bunch of generous, fun loving people dedicated to making cancer history. The question isn't WHY......the question is WHY NOT!!!"

"Best thing we have ever done, we are addicted to the Shitbox Rally!"

"I got to see parts of Australia I have never seen and was able to raise heaps more money than I thought possible. I can't wipe the stupid grin off my face."

"An amazing journey, meet new people and a week later have people who I hope will be friends for life."

"Being a 1st timer I didn't know anyone or what to expect, I had a fantastic time and had no problems at all. I would recommend the rally. I would like to thank everybody and the organisers for a great week. Especially to James"

"The rally was an adventure of a lifetime. We had many breakdowns (not us - we just had one which was bad) and obstacles to get through but the feeling at the end was all worth it."

"I loved living in the Shitbox 'bubble' it was a shock to the system to finish the rally and not be surrounded by only 'shitboxers'!"

"One time surely can't be enough!"

"You don't go on the rally to get lots of sleep, wash regularly, wake up without a dry mouth, not consume loads of red dust, not have to change a tyre or talk crap with absolute strangers!

Go the Brown!!!!✌"

Stopover Comments

Inglewood (VolcanoView restaurant & campsite) – 2016 NZ Stopover

It is 20:23 pm and I just finished my long day at the restaurant. For us it was a great day. A day to remember. Such a lot of nice people and a great atmosphere. Despite the fact that I can hardly walk anymore the main impression is a super good one.

The event is so well organized and I am beginning to understand what you have performed.

Aemoon, our staff and I wish you a relaxed and enjoyable time in New Zealand and I hope we will meet again sometime.

Best personal regards,

Joep & Anemoontastic



Meekatharra – 2014 SBR Stopover


We want to thank the Shitbox Rally for stopping in Meekatharra on your way from Perth to Darwin in 2014. It was fantastic fun as well as a great fundraising opportunity for the Meekatharra Community and the Meekatharra Race Club.

As a small town with a population of about 700 having 230+ Shitboxes and 470+ people come to town for one night was positively thrilling. Feeding a hot dinner and breakfast with a substantial takeaway lunch to everyone was a challenged we enjoyed rising to. Being able to use as many local suppliers as we did to deliver the catering and amenities was a wonderful boost to our local economy.

Our volunteers really enjoyed their interaction with rally participants, our guys loved the triage environment (all that engine action!), everyone was friendly, patient and interested in us and our town. We loved the imagination in the cars and the costumes.

Working with Annie, as a primary liaison for the rally, was a pleasure and the prompt payment of our invoices was very welcome and appreciated As one of the key organisers for the Meeka stop over and Treasurer of the race club I have no hesitation recommending and encouraging other communities and clubs to accept the opportunity to host a rally stop over. We’d love to have the rally come to town again.

Once again, thanks.
Yours Sincerely,
Helen Clancy
Treasurer, Meekatharra Race Club.

Broome Rotary Club

Just wanted to extend our thanks for inviting the Broome Rotary Club to cater for your overnight stay. What a fantastic evening and it was all made easier knowing that we knew exactly what we were dealing with, your correspondence and updates up until the day you headed on your journey kept us in the loop. Your organisation was a well oiled machine 'somewhat like those ' A delightful bunch of people that were very selfless, was great to meet and greet them all as they drove in. Would love to help out for any future events or provide reference to any groups considering. Oh and we loved the fact that you paid us before you even arrived in town. Most impressive!!


Meredith Shaddick
President 2013-2014
Broome Rotary Club

Golden Mile Trotting Club

“On behalf of the Committee of the Golden Mile Trotting Club, I write to you to express our gratitude for the opportunity to be involved with a leg of the 2013 ‘Shitbox Rally’.


The club only normally operates over a three month race period between September to December and then lies dormant until the following year. The rally, however, availed us an opportunity to enhance the finances of the club whilst showcasing the fact that the club can cooperate with non-trotting entities and succeed.

The club catered for some 400 rally participants supplying an evening meal, breakfast and a takeaway lunch. Although there were a few logistical problems with breakfast, all competitors were very understanding and respectful – even chipping in to help on the morning shift, The club facilities were left clean and all the rally participants were respectful of the club and the facilities.

I would have no hesitation in offering our venue as a stopover point again and I would encourage any sporting groups or clubs who may be offered the chance to host a stopover to seriously consider accepting the opportunity.”

Esmond ‘Esso’ Delaney,
Golden Mile Trotting Club,

District Council of Cooper Pedy

“Coober Pedy is happy to help facilitate events like your rally as it brings both economic and social wellbeing benefits to the community. The event created much interest and thank you for the opportunity to host your group.”


Phil Cameron CEO,
District Council of Cooper Pedy

Tjukayirla Roadhouse

“It was an absolute pleasure having the Shitbox Rally here in May. Everyone from all teams and crew were extremely pleasant to deal with, and left our campground clean and tidy, and all seemed to be having an amazing time. We would happily welcome the Shitbox Rally back to Tjukayirla anytime.”


Tjukayirla Roadhouse,
Ngaanyatjarra Services